CCS Wealth offers its first “High Yield” Bond delivering a return of 36% P.A. 

Here is the opportunity to earn the highest interest rates available on your crypto holdings. CCS Wealth is offering a High Yield 12-Month Bond (HY12M Bond) that significantly increases the rate of return. This unprecedented and limited edition bond product delivers an impressive interest rate of 36% p.a.


CCS Wealth DeFi money markets routing machine

CCSWealth makes this happen by using the “MoneyMarkets DeFi Routing Engine” developed by GX Technology Group to carve out the Bonds’ Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tether yields. For example, each Ethereum (ETH) invested into a CCS Bond is engaged in the most lucrative DeFi Market for ETH on a given day. This Ethereum now begins generating yield and functioning as a collateral instrument. The “MoneyMarkets DeFi Routing Engine” can extract a lower-yielding asset from the same DeFi Market. This lower-yielding asset is then automatically engaged in another DeFi Market for which it generates an Interest Rate Spread (IRS). This “Interest Rate Spread” fluctuates daily and provides intelligent contract algorithms like the “MoneyMarkets DeFi Routing Engine”. It then takes advantage of multiple yield points using the same capital without trading out of the committed asset (Ethereum). Since the asset value is not the instrument, CCS Wealth’s Algorithmic Bond offers its holders a limited-time opportunity to monetise the growth of the overall DeFi Markets without risking the asset value of their initial investment.

Clients have until the 30th of September, 2021, to take advantage of the HY12M Bond before the earning rate returns to 24% per annum. This bond requires locking up the principal asset for a 12 month holding period with a $25,000 minimum. Although the capital asset remains locked for the bond’s term, the daily earnings are accessible immediately. In addition, the profits can be deposited into the account holders Money Market account to earn compounding daily interest.

Our customer service team is on standby, we welcome the opportunity to assist our clients in pursuing their financial goals. For further information please contact us via info@ccswealth.com.

The CCS Wealth Team.