Monetise Your Network

There is a revolution underway. A revolution in which all assets are becoming digitalised. This transition from analog to digital assets presents an opportunity unlike anything this generation has ever seen.

As we head into this new paradigm, CCS Wealth arises as a bastion of transparency and empowerment for investors.

Our mission is to empower users with a frictionless network for exchanging and investing in all digital assets. This mission can only be completed with the help of our CCS Wealth Affiliate Community.

The Affiliate App is a powerful software suite for professionals to build a digital brokerage business. The correct tools and education are foundational for our users to connect and build a network that will sustain an ongoing passive income. 

We work directly with our clients to deliver tangible value and incentivise network growth. CCS Wealth Affiliates are entitled to a percentage of all platform activity by the users who are directly or indirectly linked to their network. Affiliates will earn commissions from:

  • Trading Fees Paid
  • Money Market Earnings 
  • Bond Interest Earnings
  • Digital Asset & Token Sales

Our Affiliate App enables users to create and manage their network easily and ensures lifetime revenue from each networked user.


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CCS Wealth Team.

The official launch of the Affiliate App will be hosted in our Tuesday night Zoom community call. Join us at 8:30 pm AEST on the 22nd March 2022 to be part of this and enjoy many more announcements.


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