Take Control Of Your Future

Take advantage of the benefits of a Self-Managed Super Fund.

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a private super fund that you manage yourself. SMSF’s are different to industry and retail super funds. When you manage your own super, you put the money you would normally put in a retail or industry super fund into your own SMSF. You choose the investments and the insurance.

Only set up your own super fund if you’re 100% committed and understand what’s involved.

The Risks & Responsibilities Of SMSFs

All members of an SMSF are responsible for the fund’s decisions and for complying with the law.

If You Want To Set Up An SMSF

If you are 100% sure about managing your own super fund, consider getting professional advice from many of our vetted connections. Please reach out for further information – Book a quick chat with us.