Passive Income For Financial Freedom

CCS Wealth is the only digital exchange and investment platform to offer a diverse array of products ranging from trading, money market interest, bonds, NFT’s, tokens and staking.

The “Affiliate App” is a significant addition to the CCS Wealth platform for 2022. The Affiliate App is the world’s first generalised affiliate application that allows any individual (or company) to create a unique compensation plan which will enable individuals to create significant wealth by referring to our services.  

Through the Affiliate App, Affiliates who recommend our service can earn a commission from every type of transaction performed on the platform. Affiliates can also set their own fees, get paid and interact with customers directly from inside the desktop or mobile Affiliate App platform that you log into with your CCS credentials.

Presently four different types of transactions generate revenue through the CCS Affiliate App. They are:
1. Trading (also referred to as ‘OTC’).
2. Bond Purchases.
3. Token Sales.
4. Money Market Interest Payments.

Our Affiliate App enables users to create and manage their network easily and ensures lifetime revenue from each networked user.

Click here to view a complete overview narrated by our Chief Operations Officer, Matthew Snively. 


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