CCSe Token – CCS Wealth Equity Token

CCS Wealth has issued 10 million CCS Equity (CCSe) Tokens with an initial offering price of 2 USDT. This offering imputes a $20,000,000 USD valuation on the company. This valuation is a 16.56 multiple of Q3 average earnings.

CCS Wealth seeks to raise 2,200,000 USDT through the sale of 1.1 million CCS Equity Tokens representing 11% company ownership. 1% of this offering is reserved exclusively for current CCS Wealth clients.

This additional capital will be used to build out a complete exchange eco-system, offering on and off ramping of fiat to crypto, competitive over the counter spot pricing, insured, intuitional grade custody solutions, crypto lending services, wallet insurance, and access to high yield De-Fi products. We believe that this complete suite of products will be extremely attractive to institutional and wholesale investors and family offices.

Features of CCSe:

▴ CCSE is a Revenue Token paying 11% of the company’s Net Monthly Revenue (Gross Revenue Less 15% for operating expenses) to token holders.

▴Currently, the value of the offering is approximately 16X revenue.

▴ As the company grows by virtue of access to this additional capital, revenue grows and so

does the value of the token AND the monthly dividends to token holders.

▴For the year ending December 31, 2021, Assets Under Management were

$3,128,736. Net Revenue for Q4 2021 was $301,943 ($1,207,772 annualised).

▴ Tokens are NON-Dilutive should additional tokens be issued in the future.

Investor ROI on Dividends (paid monthly):

▴ Based on Q4 Annualised Earnings of $1,207,772, monthly earnings are $100,648.

▴ Net Monthly Earnings are calculated by deducting 15% for expenses. $100,648 x 85% = $85,551

Token Holder’s Monthly Dividends represent 11% of Net Revenue. $85,551 x 11% = $9,411.

▴ Token Holder’s ROI on CURRENT REVENUE: $9,411 X 12 = $112,927. $112,927 / 2,200,000 = 5.13%.

Book a meeting to learn about our pre-order bonus and reserve your CCSe Tokens. 

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