Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Opening and Maintaining a Liquid Account

There is NO cost for opening a CCS Wealth Account and there are no costs or maintenance fees associated with holding crypto or fiat currencies.   

Buying & Selling (Trading) Crypto

Some platforms advertise low trading fees, however, are often additional costs they fail to mention, that can accumulate and impact your profit. CCS Wealth users get a much simpler experience with free deposit options, free withdrawals & one clear fee of only 1% to 2% for instant (Market Order) trading depending on the currency pair.

All trading fees are broken down into three components: Broker Fees, Platform Fees and Banker Fees and are clearly listed for each transaction in the “Transaction Inspector” generated in the Trade Summary.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Crypto

All crypto deposits are free.  Withdrawals are charged a network fee of 0.0005 BTC

Deposit & Withdrawal of Fiat (AUD, USD & GBP)

Domestic (UK, CA, INDIA) Wire Transfer Deposits are $20 USD.  International Wire Transfer Deposits are $25 USD.  E-Transfer deposits under $3,000 USD in UK, CA and India are $5.00.  

CCS Wealth – Crypto Bonds

Are Crypto Bonds Subject to fees?

CCS Wealth charges NO Redemption or Issuance fees for bonds.

How are Affiliate Fees structured for Crypto Bonds?

Afiliate Fees are deducted from your Gross Daily Earnings at a rate of 5.00% for BTC & ETH Bonds and 1.00% for USDT Bonds. Therefore, if you are earning $10.00 USD today, your broker fee would Be $0.50 USD on a BTC or ETH Bond Earnings or $0.10 USD on a Tether (USDT) Bond Earnings.

Can I use bond interest to purchase additional bonds


Bonds offer daily interest payments, which can be withdrawn, traded or used to purchase additional bonds. Interest payments are considered liquid and are instantly accessible.

An Example of compounding crypto bonds – Link to Video

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Ask us anything you would like to know, and we will cover it in question time in the following ‘DeFi Bytes’ presentation.